Data Integration

Efficient data management at every step of the project’s life cycle is a key aspect to the integrity of our services.

We have expertise in marketing database design & development, defining and automating ETL (Extract-Translate-Load) rules, merging multiple data sets and de-duping them based on business rules, mailing list preparation, which all require substantial data processing power and a systematic execution plan. Metrica Group has the technical know-how to handle such data processing complexities.


List Management

Metrica Group is an Experian partner and provides targeted direct mail lists from Experian’s vast consumer database with more than 210 million consumers and 14 million U.S. businesses.

Both acquisition and retention mailing lists can be further customized based on demographic, behavioral and psychographic attributes. We take your client and prospect database to the next level by combining it with Experian’s wealth of consumer data.

Experian can add the following insights to your data:

  • Lifestyle segmentation
  • Demographics
  • Purchasing habits
  • Brand preferences
  • Life-Event Triggers

You can enrich your database with Experian Marketing to:

  • Create better targeted marketing programs
  • Identify the characteristics of your best customers and focus sales efforts on similar prospects
  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to your current clients

We also provide Experian custom segmentation reports that shows where you stand against your industry. These reports optimize the value of linking customer management, marketing and acquisition tactics to market planning, site analysis and media strategies. This unique connection between households and geography enables marketers to effortlessly utilize targeted segments across all stages of analysis, planning and execution.

By enriching customer’ data with Experian data and applying a series of analytical data techniques, our clients are able to establish a more holistic view of their customers and gain a better understanding of their propensities. With this information, clients can begin to formulate improved marketing contact strategies, customer retention programs and product cross and up-sell opportunities.


Data Processing

We’ve all seen it. No organization’s data is entirely clean. Even if data is organized, sorted, categorized, matched, merged & purged, normalized and de-normalized, there is always a need to clean up some unwanted, redundant, obsolete, miscomputed, misplaced data that need to be dealt with before we can start any data mining exercise.

Having experienced this in the data trenches, Metrica Group has the expertise and know-how for handling such data challenges, including NCOA (National Change of Address) processing, address standardization, building complex matching and merge & purge routines, etc