About Metrica

Metrica Group is a full-service Analytics and Business Intelligence solution provider with a commitment to superior customer care, initiated by an uncompromised focus to understanding the business needs and requirements and delivered by a thriving dedication to formulate the right set of analytical solutions to meet these needs.

In a world where the latest gadgets make the headlines and powerful, robust software packages come with irresistible promises, decision makers continue to be challenged to separate the signal from the noise, maybe even more so than the days when there were fewer tools. At Metrica Group, we understand that the tool-agnostic realities of business intelligence challenges are here to stay no matter which new tool comes to dominate the market place and we listen when they demand of us for a clear, methodological, practical and business-savvy implementation of a compatible set of analytical solutions for the problem at hand.

Led by Demirhan Yenigun, PhD, Metrica leverages the combined experience of subject matter experts from a wide range of business intelligence disciplines, such as data analytics services including data mining, database marketing, descriptive and predictive modeling, multi-channel campaign management and analysis, data processing and more.

Headquartered in Parsippany NJ, Metrica Group has a diverse list of clients from different industries, including Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Professional Services, Pharmaceuticals, Education and more.

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