Marketing Optimization

Consumers’ interaction with media and technology is growing exponentially in almost all demographics, not only in terms of time spent, but also in terms of complexity of the influential factors and relationships among the marketing channels and tactics.

While reaping all the benefits the digital technology has to offer, today’s marketers also face many challenges:

  • Choosing the relevant channel mix
  • Communicating with the most persuasive content and tactic
  • Constantly optimizing the price points, product mix and the promotional offers
  • Segmenting and scoring the target universe and prioritizing prospects with the highest propensity to purchase.
  • Listening to the buzz in the social media and participating in the discussion.
  • Spending the marketing budget in the most efficient way.

Adapting their company culture to the realities of the digital marketing age where consumers’ split second attention is up for grabs, their expectation higher, their loyalty more volatile than ever and all the monitoring, tracking, analyzing necessary to stay on top of all these factors mean that data – not the gut feeling – is the new driving force for decision making.

Leveraging best of breed enterprise analytics solutions such as SAS, SPSS, Omniture, Tableau, etc. our experts formulate the best-fitting marketing optimization framework for your organization.