Digital Analytics

It is hard to imagine a Data Analytics practice that doesn’t deal with online data sources. Data generated from online marketing channels, clickstream data coming from websites, the sheer amount of information accumulated on social media platforms, the ever increasing spectrum of portable devices, all have added to the paradigm of Big Data, the new buzzword that simply emerged as a result of consumers’ insanely complex indulgence into the digital world.

Metrica Group provides digital analytics solutions, including website, mobile app and social media tracking, web analytics tool configuration, administration and reporting and other digital analytics tool integration such as A/B & multi-variate testing, online surveys, campaign tracking, merchandising. We also use statistical techniques to monitor online-offline data correlation patterns.

Web Analytics

Metrica Group Web Analytics services include site tag audits using browser plug-in sniffers both to check tag presence and quality of data tracked, site measurement requirements analysis and documentation for Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics, tag generation, web analytics tool administration, site profile configurations including visitor segmentation, setting data filters, implementing site surveys, dashboard design and implementation, web analytics data export API implementation, Q/A testing tools such as Google Website Optimizer and Adobe Omniture Test & Target and user experience optimization

Our team has highly trained, certified, technology savvy team members, specializing in web analytics best practices.
Metrica Group can help your organization in the design and implementation of an end-to-end web optimization strategy.

  • Site audit, site goals and KPI definitions
  • Site tag planning, development and implementation
  • Web Analytics system administration
  • Rich Media Applications Tracking
  • Tag Management Solution system implementation, tag QA
  • Clickstream data segmentation, filters
  • Report/Dashboard setup, distribution and analysis

Mobile Analytics

The prediction that Internet traffic originating from mobile devices will eventually exceed that of desktop computers connected to the Internet will become a fact in the near future. According to a recent study, 21 percent of consumers search for a coupon on their mobile device while in a store. Not only will consumers use mobile to research products or coupons but, over 36 percent, plan to make purchases directly from their mobile devices and this trend will undoubtedly increase.

Mobile space presents a unique opportunity for companies to create interactive experiences with their target market. Knowing how prospects interact with your mobile channel from their mobile devices is vital to the success of a mobile strategy.

We help you track, analyze and optimize your mobile presence:

  • Measure business performance on mobile platform
  • Understand differences in user behavior between desktop and mobile platforms
  • Optimize mobile ad performance for your brand
  • Create mobile user profiles and use segmentation to analyze micro and macro conversions.
  • Pinpoint landing pages, conversion funnels and other user experiences not optimized for mobile devices
  • Assess the holistic impact (click & purchase, click-to-call & drive to store) of your company’s mobile presence.
  • Google Analytics SDK implementation to track user interaction with websites and applications accessed from a mobile device.
  • Omniture AppMeasurement for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone
  • Mobile-specific reporting profiles and advanced reporting segments
  • Key performance indicators for mobile traffic
  • Tracking & Reporting from both high-end “smartphones” and WAP devices

Social Analytics

Social media is evolving and re-shaping our lives at an incredible speed. There are massive amounts of qualitative and quantitative data being generated in social media channels and there are new success metrics (posts, likes, retweets, sentiment indicators, mentions) unique to this medium. Today, companies rely on social media to answer questions about their business, to monitor their customers’ and their prospects’ digital pulse, to understand how competitors participate in the conversation.

As a marketer, you need to truly understand the medium and uniqueness of the channel, the role it plays in the acquisition and retention life cycle and define & measure the KPIs that indicate the impact of the channel on your business goals in terms of quantity and quality.

We can help you optimize your investment in social media based on measurable outcomes and make it part part of your multichannel marketing efforts. From implementing tracking tags on your social media pages & assets to defining social media key performance indicators specific to your business and analyzing social media interactions vis-a-vis your other channels and compare social media ROI to other channels within your multi-channel marketing, Metrica Group can effectively tie your business objectives to the social media strategy, measure and analyze them to help you realize a profitable return on your social media investment.

  • Impact of conversations in social media on site conversions, key business metrics
  • Social Term Tracking
  • Sentiment Scores
  • Social Media Channel Comparison